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Can users sell products on the app?

Can users sell products on the app? I would like my users to be able to sell audio and for the person who buys it to be able to download it onto the app. @emmanuel @NigelG @natedogg

Sure users can sell products “on the app”. It’s up to you what you build. I’d assume the same for the buyer, depending on what and how you build it. If you need any external sources, that will depend on what APIs are available for you to use.

do you know of any examples or any workflow recommendations on how to do this?

It can seem a little overwhelming when we first start bubbling, like, I’ve got an idea (an eCommerce shop or marketplace or social site), I can picture it in my mind’s eye, but when I open up my editor, where do I start?

Unfortunately there’s no great way to answer your question, as it’s a broad one. It depends on what you want to build. And since we don’t have the same end vision as you do for your app, there’s no real way to provide examples of what you might need.

There are a couple of templates available for purchase that may address your needs. Check out

Also, get your hands dirty and dive into building on bubble. I’ve personally found the more I build with bubble, the better I become at creating an application that suits my specific vision. Make sure to go through the tutorial in full and refer to the documentation often.

If you keep building on bubble, you’ll overcome the small learning curve and be building full fledged applications in no time flat. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!