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Hi, is a place to buy and sell ready-made apps and use them as templates to Build on Bubble.

If you have built an app and would like to sell it through please reach out to us and we’ll discuss.
The kind of apps that we’d be interested in:

  1. Responsive landing pages with great design
  2. Market place apps
  3. good quality clones of popular apps
  4. project management, invoicing, financing apps
  5. anything else that you think can be demanded (should have great design or unique functionality)

Please also check out this thread: - Bubble Templates for landing pages, API configurations, workflows and much more


Founder at Bubblewits - Bubble Certified Partner – a place to buy Bubble templates for landing pages, workflows etc. - one page Bubble demo - Collection of apps built on Bubble

Nice idea, site looks good too but I wonder who the target audience is. Who would want to buy a cloned app? Or a market place app? For stores, there are a whole bunch of shopping carts with great communities available.

To me, personally, what would be great is a market place for bubble elements. Things I would be interested in to buy because i dont want to spend the time building myself. For example: the chat functionality that @csfalcao built (from the top of my head) or a map tracker.

I’m not sure people with no idea what Bubble is, would find your store and buy a one off landing page that they wont know how to edit. Or is that where the Bubblewits services come in? :smiley:

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Hi, Vincent,
thanks for your feedback.
Here are a few examples of using templates:

  1. cloned app - people might want to learn how to build something that already exists in order to build something of their own (Which may be similar to some extent to the original app)
  2. market place app - if it’s a general purpose one, then users can easily change the target of the app. For example it can be a marketplace for fitness and health professionals, or teachers, or lawyers etc. So you just change some content, design etc but the functionality remains more or less the same
  3. landing pages - for people who already build something on Bubble but lack the design skills (this is true for most of the Bubble users including myself :slight_smile: )

what you have suggested is also valid - and we are interested in that too (chat apps, map trackers and much more), that’s why we have added the API collection (Which is free and which will be growing)

The idea is to facilitate and make it much easier to build things on Bubble without having to build them from scratch.

Does this make sense?

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