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Can we restrict Picture Uploader to mobile camera?

Hi everyone,

I’m working on an app for use on mobiles, does anyone know if it’s possible to restrict the Picture Uploader element to prevent images being uploaded from local storage? I want to force users to capture the image with their phone camera at that particular moment.

Any thoughts on how to achieve this would be fantastic.


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Yes add the uploader to group and hide it when mobile used. Use condition when page width <520 for example

picture uploader is automatically on the local storage … I don’t think it is possible to force the camera

Be nice! It is not your call to tell me answer or not.
You are not the one asked the question…
we are trying to help each other here.
I understood the question wrong… i though he is asking is it possible to prevent picture uploader to appear as an element on mobile view


I think you have two ways to implement this.

  1. if you wrapped the app. Make it an android/ios app with Superview (native wrapper)
    SuperView, Bubble, OneSignal and More

or BDK plugin option

they do have trial version you can try it yourself :slightly_smiling_face:

  • It is easy to implement
  • you can use whatever native functionality you want. You will have to pay yearly subscription for google play … app store fees though
  1. Maybe you can use OCR bar code plugin/build your own. There are several plugins

Zeroqode has one

Thanks for the suggestions solinz!

I’ll look into these now

Good luck :rose:

Add an HTML element and input this code
<input type="file" accept="image/*" capture="camera" />

On desktop it will open file upload. On mobile it will open camera. Alas, I have no idea how to save the picture to bubble.

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Use the plugin that can detect device type and add conditional statements on the File Uploader to solve the issue.

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I am doing research on this as well. This plugin seems to enable you to just open the phone’s camera > (I have not tried it though … just the demo)

Hi! Which plugin is this?

That plugin should be fine :slight_smile:

Hi. Did you already use the plugin Mobile Camera Input Plugin | Bubble ? Does it help just open the phone’s camera and prevent user from uploading the old images from phone’s gallery? If yes, pls advise me how to do that. I tried that plugin but it open both camera and gallery so that users can not only take pictures but also upload old images from the gallery…

There seems to be one free and a few paid plug-ins for this.
For those attempting to do it on their own, I still haven’t solved it, but this article got me close:

Demo here: Camera in browsers - pixo

My issue is I still can’t figure out how to save the photo to bubble.