Issue with camera using Picture uploader on Android

when I click the Picture uploader on Android phone, a “Files Chooser” pop up on screen giving me two chooses: Camera or Files.
if I choose Files to select a image , it works fine, the image preview on the Picture uploader object.
but if I choose Camera to take a picture, it does not showing the picture I took on the Picture uploader object.
is that normal?


Facing the same issue. Have you managed to find a solution?

I sent my question to ,hope to get some answers…

For me it’s working on an Android browser but doesn’t work on my Android wrapped app.

Is that the case for you as well?

I submitted a report too.

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@ericwuu and @doublejay - same exact issue here as well using the bubble native camera photo upload (specifically google pixel users experiencing this). I use BDK for my android & iOS wrapper. Going to try using the BDK native camera capture in my mobile build to see if that works for iOS and android.

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message from supports

Thank you for checking in! To confirm, is this only occurring for you in the wrapped version of your application or in the mobile browser of an Android device as well?

When we tested this recently on a mobile browser on an Android phone, we were able to take a photo and the photo replaced the upload box. I’m afraid that if an unexpected behavior only reproduces in a wrapped app (vs in a mobile browser), we aren’t able to provide support as mobile app development is not currently one of Bubble’s core features.

While we are limited in our ability to assist, the best way to get help on wrapped apps would be to continue to work with others on the forum.

I apologize for the limited assistance we can provide here, but please do reach out if you have additional questions or concerns!

Hey @johnvandall have you been able to resolve this? I am still having issues specifically with Pixels phones on my BDK wrapped app.


Yes, only for the wrapped version for Android (ie Pixels). It’s worth noting Apple iOS users in the wrapped app works perfectly fine. This is isolated to Android.

Again, Bubble upload picture input works for Androids on web app. Understood, on the extent of your support @ericwuu

Thank you.
Is it an open ticket and we can except the issue to be fixed soon?

@doublejay I used the BDK native app element/workflow: BN - Take Photo… and it worked for the Google Pixel user on the wrapped native app! This doesn’t have the option to Choose from Photos, so I will have to add the BN - Select picture from gallery as well.

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thank you ! I’ll try.

I have the same problem with the google pixel and an app turned into a mobile app via “the BDK”. It is possible to add a photo from the gallery but not to load a photo I just took directly.

Is there any other solution than going through bn-takephoto?


Same problem here, @gaurav please help.

Just now changed the bubble’s picture uploader to 2 separate options using both BDK’s takephoto and Select photo and redid all workflows to make it all look nice. Select photo works just fine, but tapping takephoto crashes the app (android app just closes).

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Actually having BDK’s options feel much more native than Bubble’s picture uploader when making a mobile app if you don’t mind having 2 separate icons, it even looks better that way

hi there
I’m facing the same issue with the BDK native.
@gaurav recommends using the bubble picture uploader element instead of the BN take photo / BN select photo elements.
But the picture uploader element is still not working for taking pictures.
I’ve tried the same in Nativator preview, and the workflow works well…
Anyone got the solution?

hi all
Updating this issue: I’ve reported the issue to Gaurav who corrected the problem for Pixels. So here are the takeaways:

  • in general it’s better to use the picture uploader from Bubble as it works for web and native
  • for Pixel phones specifically, the camera option with the Bubble picture uploader element won’t work for native. It will open the gallery directly
  • therefore for pixel phones, use the BN take photo element. For othel models go with the Picture Uploader.
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using plugins: BDK , “Browser platform detection” , “Simple Mobile Camera Input”

check if platform is Android Browser, use DBK’s Take Photo BN - Takephoto
, otherwise use Simple Mobile Camera Input.