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Can we use instagram + facebook content integration?

I am thinking about adding content using FB and instagram to extract picture +title, can we do it ?

Do you want to push data from your Bubble app to FB/Instagram or pull data from those platforms into your app? Both are possible with bubble (facebook has an API you could use to )

Thanks for replying
Both, is there a tutorial can help in directions you can share me?

You would need to install the facebook for bubble plugin. Then head over here:

and here

Also a powerful plugin:

Thank you for your effort my friend.

From my experience, the current plugins are only useful for login via those platforms. Actually displaying and modifying FB/IG data is cumbersome. Reason being, last year FB changed their security settings for API calls, what worked before 2020 is now legacy. Pathfix has an IG plugin that I was able to display IG images through, I would recommend following this guide.


Thank you for sharing your experience and sounds good path to look at, I am already using pathfix for fb login and i did not know that there is more functionalities to do with.

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