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Social Media Connection

Hello there,

I am looking for a solution or plugin to let my users post to their own social media accounts as well as fetch data to display their timelines, insights and other information.

I found some suggestions here in the forum like ayrshare, integromat and some others but it is not the “ultimate solution”, because either they cannot fetch data or it is not the solution for multiple users. I want my users to easy connect with a one time authorization to their social media accounts (espacially instagram and facebook).

Maybe there is an existing SAAS which i was not able to find. Hope that there are also affordable solutions.

Thank you guys.

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okay I have made it to find a solution. If anybody needs a solution for the same thing, just contact me. :slight_smile:

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Yep, interested in such a solution …


I found the website They have a free plan where you can try things first.They do the OAuth Integration for you. So you don’t have to deal with that part. Its very easy.

You have to start with creating a facebook app at

There you can add the facebook login and instagram graph api (for instagram business accounts) or instagram basic display api (for normal accounts). Important here is that the API for instagram business accounts goes via the facebook api and not instagram.

You will receive “keys” at the developer platform of facebook.

Then you got to the app of pathfix and add the facebook or instagram integration. There you only have to type in the keys you received from facebook and you are ready to get data from instagram or facebook. To get the data to your bubble app you connect your pathfix account with the API Connector and bubble and you can display the received data of the platforms you added at pathfix in your app.

Pathfix has a great customer support who helped me to discover this process and also a great documentation.

I am not at the laptop right now, but if someone needs I can write a step by step with pictures later.

Just le me know.

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Amazing, thanks for sharing. Pathgix team is active on this forum, they have provided some Oauth plugin yes. Good to know it’s so easy! :+1:t2:

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Do you need to get your app approved by FB? I guess that yes, that the pain point (or not)

You do’t need to get approved by FB as long as you add the accounts as test accounts in the developer section of facebook.

You can try then also via Graph API Explorer - Facebook for Developers the calls.

When you are trying to get data from a page where you are also admin or you add users as testers (they have to accept the test request at the website of instagram → settings, not possible in the app) as said above you do not need it. But when you want to let others user authorize your app to get data you have to get your app approved. But for development stage its perfect.

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Many thanks @daviddr17 :+1:t2:

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If you don’t mind, can you create a step-by-step process?


Yes, David a step-by-step process of this would be extremely useful if it wouldn’t be a problem?

Thanks so much,