Can you call a popup externally?

I’m moving my external site to WordPress and I need to enable a Sign In button. However, my Sign In in Bubble is a reusable popup. Is it possible using JS or some other method to make the popup appear from an external button click?

You need your sign up to be a page anyway. Signup popups aren’t good for marketing.

A lot easier to retarget with /sign-up

Just gave Wordpress button to to the page

The sign-up page is an actual page already as there are three steps to create an account, similar to Asana’s experience.

Since the first step is to log in, I guess I could create logic to determine if the person already exists and then sign them in.

Still, I’d love to know if there’s a solution as I have other popups that may need to be called directly.


Yes you can.

You can create a page called signup popup

Iframe that into a popup in your WP site. On button click show that popup. (This is for if you want it all in your WP site)

If they get redirected to bubble app on the button click on your WP site you can send them to the bubble site with a param for ?signup=yes

And have a workflow so if param is yes then show the popup in bubble.

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