Can you disable backend workflows?

I have a backend workflow causing an issue on my site. I wanted to disable the workflow for a short time as it is not an important feature. When I went to do so, I do not see the same disable workflow checkbox that you have as an option when editing pages / elements.

Is there a way to disable backend workflows?

RT! Trying to do the same

You could add a conditional that would be impossible to be true

Like “Current user’s unique id is 0” or something with the time being the year 2000

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I like this idea!
Your post may work for most cases as well.
For the one I want to disable, I have a conditional there already that I want to save.

:thinking: I guess you’ll have to do “and” after the whole conditional and add on what I was suggesting. I do agree thought they need the “disable this workflow” checkbox like on the client side.

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Thanks, I overlooked that I could attach that second part to the conditional statement.

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