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Can you import defaults from javascript libraries?

Im hoping to do something like this:
import * as THREE from ‘[email protected]’;
const scene = new THREE.Scene();

Im hoping this is possible within a plugin. I want to use the defaults from several libraries to create a plugin that will help with 3D shape creation.

Hey, did you get it?

Sorry for the late reply but yes I was able to import the library. The solution for me was to create a plugin specifically for that library. Then I was able to use 3D Models and Animations inside my Bubble app. Depending on the complexity of the model there were some performance drawbacks but with some well placed loading screens it’s pretty seamless.


FYI: you might want to give a try instead of Skypack. I did a bunch of hacking with Skypack this weekend, ran into some issues, and while trying to solve them found out that Skypack seems dead, esm worked for me.