How to Import Full Javascript Libraries When Buidling a Plugin

Hey guys!

I’m currently building a plugin, and I require several external javascript libraries to get it working.

I looked under the “Shared Resources” tab, however, I only see an input for individual javascript files…

How can I ensure all of my dependencies are met?

Thanks in advance for any help!


Hi, did you find how to import the library?

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Would love to know the answer to this as well.

Hi everyone! Well, hope you don’t mind my sales-y message, but in case you are interested but still do not know that it exists yet, I have an in-depth plugin making course here:

It covers that and much more.

Here is something that will be helpful to you right now:

And once you add them, you just come in here and do this:

This is for client side, which means elements in the page or something that runs in the browser.
These are from my PDF Conjurer plugin.

For server side, which is the backend workflow, I shared for free an article of my material that goes in-depth on this. It contains a step by step instruction to handle JS libraries.

Here it is! New plugin making course with all-included and no-knowledge-spared [15 July 2021] - #16 by vini_brito