Can you make mobile apps using bubble?

can you make mobile apps using bubble or is it just web based?

You can use wrappers like GoNative or Webview Gold to make the apps into hybrid apps, but there’s no way of making native mobile apps with Bubble.

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am I wasting my time using bubble then if I want to create a mobile app?

Other folks have wrapped their Bubble app successfully and got it approved on the app stores, but there’s no way of doing it purely within Bubble. You’ll need to use an external service or some light coding to make it happen.

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Hey @sam.linforth,

We’ve deployed more than a few applications with our Deploy product for iOS & Android. Without getting into too much detail, we take your application and package it for the respective marketplaces; you just have get a few basic pieces together for us like your developer accounts and so on.

If you’ve questions, we’ve got answers - :wink:

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Does this allow for offline use as well?

Hi Andrew,

Can you recommend a service that would help convert our Bubble app into an offline-capable native app?

Hey @gnelson,

Deploy (like most site-to-app services) uses a wrapper, so offline support would come from the site being packaged. If your application doesn’t support offline use, then there’s not a lot you can do there. :slight_smile:

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I have converted quite a few apps built on bubble into full native applications. If you are interested, I can explain a little bit more about how it works…just pm me!

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Hae, I’m interested to know how you built it. Thanks