Mobile App and Bubble

Good morning,

I am finishing building my mobile app and I wanted to see if anyone has had the chance on builing an app on Bubble. I have been hearing mixed reviews.

I do have a few questions though:

Should I check native app or direct it to the mobile page?

What page dimension should I have?

For native app, it says to contact bubble in order to launch it on the app stores, has anyone used that, does it work, what is the cost and turn around time?

Should I use elements or pages for the different parts of the app?

The traditional Native route on bubble is to use a native wrapper (if you contact bubble they use phonegap process) where essentially all you are doing is just loading your site in a custom browser. There are a lot of tutorials for this and is not to difficult.

When I build native apps I use a combination of webviews (of my app in bubble) and native components. This process makes things a bit more complicated and requires more planning, but I feel it make apps feel a lot more native and allows me to do a lot of things not currently possible with bubble alone

Hi @ryley.randall

I’m trying to use a web viewer but unsure what details I should be entering under “bundle identifier”. Do I just put in the URL? Which I’m not sure how to extract either… is it just the url from my browser when I’m in a live session?

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

Hi, I just pushed my second app to both the play store and App Store using @copilot ‘s deploy wrapper. The experience is easy and they do all the heavy lifting. For a price of 200, it’s well worth it.