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Can you pull data out of an embedded iframe?

Hey all,

I’m trying to embed a speed test onto my site using openspeedtest (Download HTML5 Internet Speed Test Application)
Option 1, using their servers.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to pull the results out of the iframe and save them into a field.

For example, this is the final result of the iframe after doing the speedtest:

Can I pull those numbers and assign them to a field in my database.
OR (and I may be completely off base with this idea)
is there a way to pull the numbers from the results webpage code like below?

And if neither of these are an option is anyone familiar with a way to get a speed test for the client on a website that can do that?


Unless you also own the iFramed domain, no. You might find a Speedtest API, and that you could do.


Gotcha, I did manage to find an API, I just gotta learn how to use APIs now! Haha, was hoping for an easy way out but always up for a challenge. Thanks!

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