Use Toolbox Plugin and Javascript to scrape a page

Hi Bubblers!
I have a unique challenge I have struggled with inconsistently for a couple of days now.
I have an iframe(html-element) on my page that I’d like to collect data and feed into input elements on the same.
I can only imagine this can be done with javascript and the toolbox plugin, however, if you know another method. please help me out.

As you can see in the marked picture, that’s the info I want from the frame.

Is there a solution out there?

You can use API Connector, do a GET request to the page (set the type to text), and parse using extract with regex.

HI Jici,
in this case do I have to enable the Data API in my app’s general settings?

No. API Connector is not related to Data or Workflows API

In this case the URL would the GET Request be for? the URL of the current page I’m on! or the current URL of the iframe that’s loaded on the page?

When I iniatilze my GET Api to the page, I can see that I can whole page html
How do I go from there to parse the data to regex?

The url of the iframe. You will get the whole HTML page right. You need to extract with regex. This depend of the structure of the page.