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Can You SAVE Bubble Emails Sent To Users As A Thread?

Is there a way to SAVE the back and forth communications made through the bubble ‘Send An Email’ function so that the messages are both sent to the user(s) within the application/user mail client AND also saved in a ‘message history’ screen within the application itself?

If you program this yourself, then tracking outgoing emails is entirely doable. Create a new thing called emails. Save the pertinent details, and create the message history screen you’re looking for.

There is no standard functionality for saving emails, & saving replies from the recipient back to your email isn’t possible.

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I assume I create a “list of emails” as each user can send/receive multiple emails?

OR is the better approach to create a thing called “email threads”, and when user A sends email to user B it creates a new Thing (thread) which gets added too for each back and forth message sent?

It depends on the functionality you’re looking for. If you create a custom thing called “email”, on each user add the field “email” of type list to each user would probably work best. This would allow you to add additional fields to your custom data type of “email”

Are you attempting to create a communication system between two users?

If so, I’d forgo email in lieu of a custom chat. Airdev released an open source messenger that will serve as a good starting point.

Yes, I want both emails to be sent from user to user, and those emails (messages) to also be SAVED under the user for Admin purposes if possible.

The way it is now, the email is sent fine user to user, but nothing is saved or documented. That is the goal…

With of course it being easy for the users to communicate without having to log in to the application each and every time they need to reply/send a message.

I have seen the AirDEV version and it seems to be a group chat vs. individual user to user chat/thread system.

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