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In CRM system usually has email management system where users can send and receive email. This is also attached to the client’s information. So when the sales person quits, the new guy can read the historical conversation from previous sales person with client.

This email management should also be able to store any attachements.

Any idea how to do this in bubble? Does it need to integrate using api, so say, with gmail or outlook?

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Store in a data type called “emails”

Have a field for “salesperson name”

And one for “user”

So you can save both the user and if they ever get deleted the historical data is still stored under salesperson name.

Thank you

How does it interact with email server? which email server that send and receive? bubble email server, Outlook, or Gmail? How does bubble know that we just received a reply from customer in our outlook server?

Is it possible to sync with outlook / gmail? so whenever we send / receive email it will show on outlook / gmail as well?

Thanks again.

I’d recommend a sendgrid api or postmark inbound parse/processing

Postmark you can use the to/from as conditionals to ensure it hits the correct prospect in the CRM and correct user who sent it.

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