Can you solve this puzzle? I can pay for a consultation if needed

Hi guys (and girls),
I am building an app that allow my customers to do the following:
a) search for a product from a generic product catalogue
b) place the products in the cart
c) retrieve the shops that sell EACH and EVERY product in Cart, calculating the sum of those products according to each store prices
d) customers will select from which stores they want to purchase (all products from one store only) and the cart gets updated

The problem is that products would be so many that I can’t use “lists”, but need to go for a joined table to create the relationship product-restaurant-price.

This is where I am, I can retrieve shops selling at least one of the products in cart…but can’t get bubble to retrieve shops selling ALL the products in Cart.

Can some expert help? I can jump on a call an pay for it. THANK YOU!!

Do you still need a solution to this?

yes, write me on private

Yes, you definately don’t want to be searching for every product and then looking for the supplier.

Given you will have a list of products in the cart I think you could do a :contains listbetween the cart list of products and the supplier list.

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@NigelG I was thinking along the same lines, but not 100% clear on the DB structure. @daviddavid Can you show screen shots of the other types?

Hi @NigelG and @jps1006 , thank you for looking into this!

Here some more screenshots.

Please take this as my best understanding of structuring the DB for such project (so probably unperfect).
Datatype Meal is separated as I use that for the “generic search” purpose.

Ready to experiment any solution!


I’d have to experiment with it to know for sure, but try this… set the Show Restaurants RG datasource to a search for RestMealPrice with a constraint where MealInRMP is in cart RG’s list of things :each items meal.
See this for more info on filtering lists from lists in case my suggestion is wrong: (see entry #3) She breaks it down well (which is why I bookmarked it)

Hi @jps1006,

I have tried what you said and it works, in the sense that it retrieves shops that sell at least one of the product in cart. The problem is that I cannot understand how to filter them down to show only those shops that sell ALL items in cart.

I have read the post you referenced (very interesting) but could not derive the case in which I am searching for multiple items at the same time against a list.

What could be another way to do that?

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