ListA contains ListB?

I have a data type called Product listing which has a field called Delivery-options (list of Option set).
I have another data type called Pending materials which has a field called delivery-options (lowercase ‘d’ and again, list of Option set).

How do I Do a Search for the Delivery-options list that contains the list of delivery-options? The output should be a Product listing that has delivery options that match the Pending material’s delivery options.

dont do it from here, remove this constraint , and use filter, outside of Do Search, and on that filter add a constraint and use advance inside that advance you can add a constraint .

See if it work else ping me, and i will walk you through :slight_smile:

what do you mean by advance inside advance?

Sorry if i confused you, what i mean, when you add advance you can do it afterward.

sorry sir, what do you mean by advance? :sweat_smile:

OH, you are new then, when you add a Do Search, after that there is a option Filter inside that when you try to add a constraint the most bottom one is advance.

watch this Video: Understanding Bubble's Advanced Filtering System: Intersect With vs. Contains List

this worked. thanks!!

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Always happy to help, if you ever get stuck, create a post and ping me i will be very happy to help :slight_smile: as i was helped a lot in this community.

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