Can you use API from one bubble app to a other bubble app

hello i want too make a website and have status website for that website but can i use API from the website on bubble to the status website on bubble?

Yes, you can. A Bubble app can even call its own API (which is sometimes quite useful).

how do i set it up? and can you help me with it if you can please join my server

There is a plugin called Bubble App Connector. :blush: Let me see if I can find the reference for you.

Here is the reference:

It is not too difficult.


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idk how to set it up please join my server

:frowning_face: Sorry, I don’t use discord. I mostly use this forum, if you want more help you can post specific questions here and I can try my best to help you. I also use my eLearning Hub to give priority help to the members there. They always have priority for me. Usually I answer them back very quickly if it is during my working hours and if I am not in the middle of a session. :blush:

hello How do i write a code that you can use by do !sync in your discord server than you can sync your Discord name to a bubble app? If you can help me join my discord company server