Can you use the money in your account as credit in a way?

I am curious to know something. I have $25 in my bubble account that I do ABSOULTLY nothing with. I was wondering if you could some how get it in credits to use on the bubble platform or do you HAVE to withdraw it then reuse it? I put a couple templates out there as a joke not thinking people would buy them but I was wrong.

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Hey there @leelandbrown,

You’ll need to connect your Stripe account as it states in your screenshot. It will then be directly deposited into your Stripe account, from there however you have payouts setup it’ll transfer to your bank or a card.

Hey @johnny.

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Thanks for your response. I was hoping I could just use them as account credit(S). Have a good day!

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Hey there @leelandbrown,

Unfortunately, I don’t believe there is a way to get Bubble credits as a form of payout. However, Bubble doesn’t explicitly say anything about it in their Marketplace Guidelines. Perhaps, @eve can confirm?

Thanks for the flag! Generally, we do encourage you to withdraw the money for things like tax purposes, but if you reach out to our team at, we can see what we can do about a credit!