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Can we use Stripe Connect?

Hi all,
I have integrated Stripe into my marketplace website so users can pay now. But I need to make it so that, if someone pays, part of the money goes to my company and part goes to someone else. Is this possible using Bubble? I know Stripe Connect is capable, but is Bubble capable of accomplishing this scenario?

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I’m about to do that soon. That should be a Stripe backend thing, not bubble per say. Stripe handles the payments in their system. You’re just using bubble as a gateway to Stripe.

I do think there is some work that we have to do on bubble, like setting up a connect page, redirect page, and a webhook.
I’m currently working on it right now and I haven’t the slightest clue if I’m doing this right. Wish me luck. :blush:
If you have any tips let me know!

Stripe Connect has already been added to Bubble. This is what you’re looking for…

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Be sure to put in your dev ID keys and set up your plans via the Stripe interface so that you can preview the checkout in the ‘preview’ mode

@csblack is correct. The actual setup is very simple. It could be a different thing to get YOUR payment process running exactly as you want though.

Hey @jonaspalmqvist did you have any success with this?

Yes, the setup is quite simple in itself. It’s more a matter of setting your specific solution up, not so much the connect, but in all other instances where you’d like to use Stripe info. (in order info, payment verifications etc.).

In the original question though, it’s a matter of distributing the payments automatically to different recipients. That is NOT possible at the moment. For that you need “managed accounts”, which is not yet supported by Bubble. You can use Stripe to collect, but you have to manually distribute funds to your clients.

You could let your clients register Stripe accounts and “automatically” set it up that way. However, then you hand over a huge chunk of your marketplace to users. IMHO, the negatives outweighs the positives.

Someone recommended using “Mango Pay”. They should have the same service as Stripe, but I don’t know about managed accounts. I haven’t looked into that quite yet. My guess is that Stripe, and to wait for managed accounts to be implemented in Bubble, is our best bet still! Stripe’s the most established provider of automatic payments out there ATM, and most likely the easiest to work with.