Cancelled scheduled API workflows not working

hi guys,

I’ve cancelled all scheduled API Workflows. Now my app is acting funny. does that mean i have to recreate the workflows for my app to work again well?

What exactly is it doing?

You don’t have to recreate anything… but obviously if you were relying on scheduled workflows to keep your app working correctly then you’ll have to reschedule them.

the workflows aren’t schduled to run in the future. workflows run immediately

In response to your question on what exactly it’s doing. The workflow is simply not running. i can see it in the logs but its not doing what it’s suppose to do anymore.

That is what you get when you mess with someone that is quiet. Now they don’t want to work for you anymore….

Can you share some images of your workflows, database and tell us what is supposed to happen?!

Then what did you cancel? (there would have been nothing to cancel in that case).

This a video explaining the issue. Please i need help

When you schedule a backend workflow, it doesn’t start instantly. It’ll start a second or so later. Scroll down your logs and you’ll find it. The rest of your workflow completed before the scheduled workflow is begun.

There is no more content below when i scroll. it’s just what you see.

Don’t know, but this list of Members seems to be odd:

And you use the :count of this list to make your interations:

Also, if you have the Toolbox Plugin, you can save texts in your log using the action “Console Log (Server)”. Then you can analyze this information looking at your App’s log. I use it A LOT when I need to debug server side workflows…

Never knew this!

THIS IS GOLD! :rofl: