Urgent - Need to stop a Schedulled API

I just pushed a version of my app live and ran a scheduled API workflow to create new records in a new database that requires concatenations of things already entered into the live system.

Unfortunately, I’ve managed to write a loop so this thing is adding more and more records to the database. I tried to use a cancel API workflow but I have no idea where to find the ID. This is what bubble’s help (if we can use that name for it) says

Cancel a scheduled API Workflow
This action cancels a scheduled workflow. The workflow is identified by the number returned by the scheduling action.

Scheduled API ID
Enter the ID, which will most likely be an expression, that contains the ID of the scheduled workflow to cancel.

But I can’t see any API ID - where can I find it before I’m swamped in data, please?


It should show up on the Logs > Scheduler tab, where you can cancel.

Thank you @mebeingken - I appreciate the fast response :slight_smile:
I got it now.

Lol. I think this is every developers worst nightmare. Glad to hear it’s resolved. :sweat_smile:

It’s certainly mine @gregjohnkeegan but it’s through adversity that we learn.

I’m still smiling … :smile: :smile: :smile:

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