Cannot Delete a Thing

Deleting a thing is really simple, but in this case I get the strangest error.


In a repeating group, when a button is pressed in a field, I use the workflow action “Display Data in a Group” to send user data to a group below. In that group, I want to delete one thing, but get an error when I try.

This is the repeating group with an item to manage. When clicked, the info get sent to a different group on the page:

These fields are populated with the data sent from the manage button. When the red icon is pressed, the field to the left SHOULD get deleted.

But it just won’t let me…


Here’s the app. This is really really strange to me…

I’ve tried just about everything and cannot figure this one out.

@daniel4 If you are deleting a thing which is a row in your data view, then the delete thing action should just work. If you are deleting the contents of a field within a thing, you can use make change to thing action

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Looks like you are correct, thanks! But the trick is to leave the field blank. I did not use this option initially because there was no option to delete. But this way seems to work. Thank you


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