Unable to delete "current cell's thing" in RG

I’m struggling with creating a “delete” button for a current cell’s thing in a repeating group. I have a repeating group for a list of files. Usually I’m able to create a workflow to simply “delete current cell’s thing,”


However, that option isn’t coming up in the workflow for some reason when the repeating group’s type is “file.”

Here is a link to the editor:

Any ideas or advice for what I’m not understanding?


Hi there, @michael40… if they are uploaded files as opposed to things stored in a data type, then you need to use the Delete an uploaded file workflow action.

Hope this helps.



I ‘File’ is NOT a ‘Thing’ - so you can’t use a Delete A Thing workflow action…

(a File is uploaded to your data storage - a Thing is an entry in your database)

So, as @mikeloc points out, to delete a file you need to use a Delete an Uploaded File action…

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Thanks Mike, worked!

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Thanks for the explanation Adam! That makes perfect sense

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