Cannot find a way to fix a complicated messaging issue

Hi, this is a quite a complicated one but I would be grateful for the help.
I will define the process I am trying to achieve;

  1. Users can click on a product listing then click on “message seller”.
  2. This will then open a chat with the seller and current user, where they can message from one another.
  3. I also want the seller to be able to view all their current conversations with multiple buyers, which I have named “creators chat”. The seller can then click on the chat and will be taken to the conversation to where they can be message/see messages.

However I have ran into the following problems;

  1. I would like a different chat to be opened with every different product. Currently, if user A messages a seller about product X they will only see the full chat between themselves and that seller (if they chose another product, they would see the same conversation). I would like a different chat per item.
  2. On the creators chat page, I cannot seem to find a way to display the current cells products image. I am tried making the data equal the product type, but it does not seem to work. Any ideas?
  3. Lastly, I have three different product types, which all have their different pages/data types etc. When the above queries are resolved, how do I create a messaging system that holds the three data types and will look like one repeating group?

Thank you so much in advance, I hope I haven’t made this issue to complicated.

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