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Help with messaging

Hi could anyone please help with the following. My goal is; when users click message seller, they will be directed to a new chat with that seller. However what is currently happening is that when the user clicks message seller, all the messages come up. Furthermore, if the same user clicks on a different listing from the same seller, all the messages come up again. I have tried changing the data source to current pages chats chats messages but that results in no messages being able to send. If there could be a way to filter it so only chats relating to the current product I think I would work but I have tried a few filters and haven’t found a solution. I have tried sending the current cells product but can’t find a correct data type. Please could anyone help? It would be really appreciated.

It’s hard to tell without being in your app but couldn’t you do something like setting a custom state of some object (repeating group, page, etc) that is set to the the id of the current cell’s message and then that id gets used somewhere when you create a new chat (i.e. do a search for messages where id is x)

Hi there, I cant find a way I am afraid. But here is an example of the data I am collecting from the messages. I don’t suppose you know a way of filtering the search results if they contain listing title or if they contain both users email? Whenever I add a filter to the repeating group, no search results turn up.

Are your messages a list of things or are they separate database items? If they are a list of things, it’s possible you’re running into the same problem i did:

Scroll down to where I say “So I finally solved my problem” but also possible that that answer doesn’t help you at all.

Can you share a screenshot of what you have when you click on “search for messages” in the repeating group Message settings box?

Does something like this not work?
Here are all three messages I created without any constraints:

Here is the restraint to filter by [email protected] and [email protected] using the "contains keyword(s)

And the results of that are as expected:

Let me know if that still isn’t it

Hi Paul, here is the requested image. It just seems that when I add a constraint or restrictive element, it doesn’t like it and does not show any messages (even though they are being added to the data base). Some ideas I have are;

  • when user clicks message seller, I could create a random key then save that to each message. Then show messages only with that key. But I couldn’t get the key to save to the message.
  • restrict either on email, name or product title- but it does not show any features after that and users can’t add messages to the chat.

Thank you again for your time, it is really appreciated. If you think any of the above may work or if you have any other ideas, I would be extremely grateful for a guided process as I am still new to this. Also to answer your question, within the database, I have a list of messages to be saved within each conversation.

Kind regards,

Hi @gloverc2

I think this video may help you. Tutorial für Anfänger - Lerne in 2 Stunden [Deutsch] - YouTube

Although it is in german, I believe it will still help you with creating and displaying messages conversations and data structure.

If nikola.milosavljevic’s tutorial link works for you then great. The only other thing I can suggest is if you provide a link to your app, or if you’re not comfortable with that, create a separate dummy app with dummy data that replicates the problem and then send a link to that one.

Thank you! Fortunately there are subtitles!

Thank you!

Hi Paul, may I ask if it would be okay to arrange a short zoom/meets call? Then I could show you directly what the problem is and to hopefully find a solution. If so, my email is [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you soon :slight_smile:

Hi, I have actually solved it. But thank you anyways!

Great. Can you post how you did it? I will be creating a message section to my website at some point and could potentially run into this problem as well.

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