Cannot find option to copy data to live database

According to a number of posts here, there should be some option to copy dev data to live. However, in spite of instructions, I cannot find this option on the Data / App Data tab at all.

Also, can we not point at certain data types to be copied to prod and others to be ignored? For example I do not want to copy transactional data but I do want to copy all the lists of things like countries, options etc.

Hi there, @data1… look for the red link labeled Copy and restore database on the Data >> App data tab. Click that link and you will see the option to copy data from your development database into your live database. When you click the button to copy the data, you will have the option to copy data for all of the data types or a single data type.

Hope this helps.


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Awesome. I didn’t dare click this scary link earlier :smiley:

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