Development Database to Live database

Hello all,

This is my first time trying to go Live.
My worst problem is that I do not want to lose my development data and find a way to simply copy the development data to my Live site. I want to do this once, then redirect my early adopters to the Live site from that point on.



So far, all I find to do this is to export each data table from Development database to CSV, then Upload that CSV to the live database.
In doing so, the Create By field is now Admin and not the user who created the data thing.

Hi there, @guygreen63… maybe I don’t understand what you mean, but you can copy your development data into your live database by clicking the Copy and restore database link on the Data >> App data tab. Is that what you are trying to do?


Thanks Mike. I will look into this. As I said I am just learning about how to go live.

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Will Copy and Restore database also copy the Option Sets?

Ignore this last question. Sorry. Option Sets were copied already when going to Live.

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I just ran the Copy and restore from Development to Live.

Not all data transferred over? Why is that?


If you left the Data type to copy dropdown set to All types, it should have copied everything that is in the data types in your development database.

I got our of edit mode and came back into it and then I saw that all data was there.
Thanks for your help Mike!

Have a nice evening.

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What exactly do I have to do to transfer my development data to live?
I hit copy development data to live and it is still not there. A bit scared if I am deleting all my data. Help!

Sometimes this could be happened.
You can hit “Refresh Data” to make sure the data already copied.