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Cannot get waypoint order - been trying for weeks and pulling my hair out

:rofl: hahaha

"via": <or_via_boolean>,
"vehicleStopover": <or_vehicleStopover_boolean>,
"sideOfRoad": <or_sideOfRoad_boolean>,
"location": {
    "latLng": {
        "latitude": <or_latitude_number>,
        "longitude": <or_longitude_number>
    "heading": <or_heading_integer>
"placeId": "<or_placeId>"    

“destination”: {
“via”: <des_via_boolean>,
“vehicleStopover”: <des_vehicleStopover_boolean>,
“sideOfRoad”: <des_sideOfRoad_boolean>,
“location”: {
“latLng”: {
“latitude”: <des_latitude_number>,
“longitude”: <des_longitude_number>
“heading”: <des_heading_integer>
“placeId”: “<des_placeId>”
“intermediates”: [
“via”: <int_via_boolean>,
“vehicleStopover”: <int_vehicleStopover_boolean>,
“sideOfRoad”: <int_sideOfRoad_boolean>,
“location”: {
“latLng”: {
“latitude”: <int_latitude_number>,
“longitude”: <int_longitude_number>
“heading”: <int_heading_integer>
“placeId”: “<int_placeId>”
“travelMode”: “”,
“routingPreference”: ,
“polylineQuality”: ,
“polylineEncoding”: ,
“departureTime”: “”,
“computeAlternativeRoutes”: <computeAlternativeRoutes?>,
“routeModifiers”: {
“avoidTolls”: <avoidTolls_boolean>,
“avoidHighways”: <avoidHighways_boolean>,
“avoidFerries”: <avoidFerries_boolean>,
“avoidIndoor”: <avoidIndoor_boolean>,
“vehicleInfo”: {
“emissionType”: “”
“tollPasses”: [

“languageCode”: “”,
“units”: “”,
“requestedReferenceRoutes”: [

“extraComputations”: [


Better yet

Go to plugin settings, click on API Connector and see the actual call there. Remember to Use as “Data” or “Action” depending on your use case.

To figure out the available values you can set with this call, read this

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How in the world do you even know how to write all of that. I look at it and I may aswell be trying to read mandarin haha. I am getting errors when initializing the call, i’m wondering if this is cause I havent set values?

Yea you’re gonna need to set some values for it to initialize

Thanks Doug. You’ve been such a great help and I can’t thank you enough, you’re very kind.

I will check out the available values in the link you sent. Just to check, if the repeating group is always going to be different and with multiple values (or addresses) will it recognise from the values that its a list rather than 1 single address?

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I’m not 100 percent sure what you mean, BUT let’s take it one step at a time. Let’s try and get it initialized.

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Hi Doug. I’ve been trying to get the API to initialize with what I think would be the correct values. I’m struggling to understand what I’m actually supposed to put into them, some of the fields are extremely similar looking and when I try to initialize the API it just keeps throwing errors back at me, which I’m also struggling to make sense of. I’ve tried googleing and youtubing the Routes API but there’s not a lot on it, and what information I have found has gone straight over my head