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Cannot run workflow -- relies on invalid inputs

There is some strange alert which pops up on a button click (workflow run) and this is very new issue so to say, got it maybe 2 days ago, is it because of any bubble update or how do i solve it ?

I think i solved it once with just unchecking the “this input is disabled” on in text input… but it is much more difficult now when I don’t know where it is and I have to manually find it!

Please help, is is about to be like on a deploy very soon !

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I have also started facing this message. It wasn’t there before!

@kalinovic.nebojsa, maybe a system thing, I have also just started seeing this browser alert as of last night and have seen it today a couple of time.

@emmanuel, any ideas…

Same problem - I see the error if I hit the ENTER key in a Text Input box (“this input should not be empty”) even without any click on the button.

What is this about?


This is the first time I’ve received an error like this. Is there a solution? Or who has any idea why this error was caused?

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I’m getting same issue on page load itself.

I have made another copy of a project. My main project works well. But facing this issue when i run the copy of the project.
Did you get solution for this?