Cannot Sum values of Two Expressions

Hi everybody,

I am trying to make a Sum of two different values coming from Expressions.

I have Expression 1 with a value of 3865.8 and a second Expression with a value of 2577.2. Both are a Number output

When I try Expression 1 value + Expression 2 value : it returns 10
Because it takes the last numbers, in this case 8 + 2 instead of the complete value…

Do you have a clue or answer to that ?

put your dynamic expressions for value 1 and value 2 into their own input elements and set type to number, then for your 3rd expression to sum the values, reference the inputs values to sum them.

You can put the inputs into a floating group set to float beneath page so they are out of the way and out of sight.

Hello @boston85719 thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, it gives me the same result.

I made a short video to understand better how I did

Ok I found a solution, it was just to do a Rounded to 0 after the calculation of the Expression value. So no more decimal on the value, it works good now

Likely because you are still using the expression element ( a plugin that is not necessary for this ), and you simply used the inputs to add the reference to the expression element and did not make the inputs a number and left them as text.

  1. Take the Dynamic Expression you placed into the expression element and paste it into the input element
  2. Make input element number or integer and Not Text
  3. In the element to display the total use the 2 input elements values

Ensure you have no conditionals on anything that causes the numbers to be different than expected.