Cannot type text in the field next to the "inspect" button in debug bar

Hello all, is this just me or since yesterday night (french time) it is not possible anymore to type an element name in the dropdown field next to the “inspect” button in the debug bar? I hope this is a bug because I don’t clearly see how to debug without the ability to search a field in preview just by scroling hundred elements in this dropdown instead of just typing its name :cold_sweat:

Not just you, me too and it’s making life extremely difficult to debug too! :slight_smile:

Can’t get it working on Chrome or Edge right now. Windows laptop.

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@Sarah_Esteve This scares me :worried:
Luckily i don’t have this issue on my Macbook pro (chrome, safari) tested.

oh seriously @anthony.viel ? I tried both on my Macbook air laptop and windows desktop and I have the issue on both

I am seeing it, too. I wonder if it’s related to this issue from yesterday. Probably worth filing a bug report, if you haven’t done so already.

Hey all - our team is looking into this - will keep everyone updated here.


the temporary alternative is to deploy the dropdown and search elements with CTRL + F guys

this is fixed :call_me_hand:

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