Cant access state as data source in a reusable element

I am creating a dynamic menu that calls the names and links from the database. I created a type of thing called “menu_main”.

For the menu interface, I have created a reusable element.

  • At the page level of the reusable element, I have created a state containing the “menu_main”. This is within the main reusable element editor, not on a page that uses the reusable element.
  • Within this reusable element, I have created a repeating group that will use the “menu_main” type. As data source for this repeating group, I want to refer to the state i created on the reusable element page level.

Unfortunately, I don’t see it as an option. I should be able to use a state within the reusable element as a data source in a repeating group… right?

Thank you so much for your help.

I’ve experienced a LOT of bugs of this type over the past few months (where valid data sources just aren’t appearing in the expressing builder dropdown).

The workaround is to create the expression somewhere else, then copy and paste it into the datasource.

(That’s assuming the datasource you’re trying to refer to actually is a valid one for the RG - if it’s not then that’s a legitimate reason for it not to show up - you don’t have 2 datasources with the same name, do you? Or an option set with the same name?)

The datasource was certainly a valid one. I did what you suggested. Created the expression in another group and copied and pasted.
It worked. Thanks a lot

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