Cant Click Slidebar Menu Options

Hello, Bubblers!

I am running into some difficulty with the Bubble SlidebarMenu plugin. I am making a Single Page Application and I want to change my app’s state when certain SlidebarMenu options are pressed. For example, when “How It Works” is pressed, I want to set the Index’s screen state to “How It Works”. This should cause the How It Works screen to appear.

The problem is that when I press “How It Works” the SlidebarMenu’s current option isn’t changed to “How It Works”. This is the problem. It seems like the current option isn’t changing onClick. You can see that this is the case in the attached screen shots.

Here is my SlidebarMenu:

After I click “How It Works” the debugger opens:

But then it acts as if the “How It Works” option is not set and never reaches the next stage of the workflow (the set state stage).

Can you show how you have your conditionals setup? That is one likely culprit

Here is how my conditionals are set up:

Screen Shot 2021-04-03 at 5.10.03 PM

Screen Shot 2021-04-03 at 5.10.14 PM

How about for the groups you want to hide/show?


Try using “contains” instead of “is” in de condition :slight_smile: :computer:

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I know that the group hiding logic works because when I attach the workflow to another random element click it works. For example, I made a temporary button with the same workflow logic as the SlideMenu and it works. This proves that the problem is the SlideBar isn’t registering “How It Works” as a current option when it’s clicked.

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Tried that. No luck :(. Thanks for the suggestion though.

You can delete the menu element and try again

  1. Insert the menu element and insert the option (check that you don’t have extra spaces)
  2. Make a workflow for the menu and insert the action “set state How It Works” and set the condition (when current option is “How It Works” on the action, not on the workflow.