Reset slidebar menu after popup close


Does anyone know how to reset the Slidebar menu if it’s used to open a popup window? The problem I have is this:

1.) Click Slidebar menu and select ‘Option 2’.
2.) Option 2 shows a Popup window. This works as expected.
3.) Close popup window. This works as expected.
4.) Click slidebar menu and select ‘Option 2’ again. This DOES NOT work, I assume because the slidebar menu still thinks it’s set as ‘Option 2’. If i select another slidebar menu option and then back to ‘Option 2’ again this does work.

I can’t find any way to set the Slidebar menu by workflow eg ‘when popup window is closed set slideable menu to option 1’, or ‘when popup window is closed reset slideable menu’. I have also tried putting the slideable menu in a group and resetting that which doesn’t seem to do anything, and I can’t find anything using custom states either.

Any help appreciated.

What is the workflow to open the popup when option 2 is clicked?

Have you tried adding a workflow step right after the show popup step to reset the SlidebarMenu current option?

That’s what I’d like to do but how? I can’t find any option to reset it.

Hi I’ve been banging my head against the wall trying to figure this out as well. Were you able to find anything?


Yes, Bubble support solved this for me with the following (the word ‘account’ replaced ‘option 2’ in the original description.

‘ It looks like you are currently using a “Do when condition is true” workflow to show the popup when the option is “Account”; however, “do when …” workflows like this only run when the condition toggles in and out of true, not if the condition stays true. This is why if you click on another menu option (so the condition becomes false), then back on “Account” (the condition returns to true) the popup shows again, but if you click on Account twice, it does not (the condition stays true).

The slideable menu plugin does come with a workflow event for “When A Slide Menu’s option is clicked.” If you use this workflow instead to show the popup and add a condition for the current option being Account, it should show the popupevery time “Account” is clicked.’