Can't Copy Apps

It keeps saying this whats the problem?

@everything1 Are you seeing this message while creating a new app?

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Copying and Creating an app @neerja

@everything1 We are seeing a few other reports of this issue but are not yet able to reproduce in our tests. Could you send Support a video of this issue with browser console open?

How would i add a video @neerja

@everything1 Record a video if possible while trying to create a new app with browser console open. This might show additional error messages that will help narrow down the issue. Then email it to

@neerja Sent

@neerja When will the issue be fixed?

@everything1 We are looking at this now

@neerja Thank you its really important and need it asap


If it helps at all (maybe a different issue) I’m getting the pop u as soon as I log in. Get redirected to a survey and can’t get out of it as it keeps popping up the same app refreshed message

@neerja Do you know what the problem is or when it will be fixed

@everything1 To eliminate caching as a factor, could you try a hard refresh (Cmd+Shift+R/Ctrl+Shift+R) on the browser?

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@neerja Still nothing

@neerja Do you know the problem?

Is there any more news on this issue?

@neerja Its still down its been down for 24 hours i need it asap

We apologize for the delay. We are investigating the issue

@neerja Thanks for looking into it. I think this should be in the bug section, not “need help”.

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We pushed a small change that should fix this behavior. Is anyone still running into this issue?