Can't create virtual store


I’m working on a new company that involves a virtual store, I’m struggling with taking a dynamic amount of currency off a user’s virtual currency for example:

I have a data type called Items that contains: Item Name, Item Description, Item Thumbnail and Item Value

In the User type I have made a field called for the virtual currency,

I’ve used a repeating group to show the different items and each cell has a Buy Now button, I would like to have it when the button is clicked it finds out that’s cell’s item’s price and then checks to see if the user’s virtual currency is high enough to buy it and if it is then it takes that dynamic amount off and something else happens.

The problem I had is when trying to deduct the dynamic value I made changes to a thing and did this: Virtual Currency = Current User’s Virtual Currency - Do a search for Item where id = 999’s Item Value but when doing this it goes to an error as after the Item value it then wants a Yes/no answer which I just want the value not the Yes/No answer.

I hope someone can understand my problem with this and hopefully help me get this fixed! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

*If you post a link to the editor then you are more likely get a response

I’ll have to send it to whoever wants to help privately as I’ve spent a lot of work on this site and I don’t want people to use the link and mess it up

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