Having an issue subtracting one dynamic number from another

Hey fellow bubblers,

I’m having an issue when trying to subtract one currency from another using dynamic data.

I have two inputs:
The first is an input called ‘price’ and, and I am calculating the data of the second, the ‘fee’, from the price, by applying a formula (price * 0.07). The fee input is disabled - I am using it only in order to store the data.

Then I want to subtract the fee from the price to come up with a new number, ‘earning’. I use the below formula to do so:

The problem is that this last calculation doesn’t seem to be working, with the ‘earning’ field only displaying the price:


I’ve tried computing these fields both as currency and as integers, but in both cases the outcome is the same.

Any ideas on where I’m going wrong? Help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey @MattN, try removing the Euro currency symbol from the initial content fields. By defining the inputs as Currency, the symbol should already be in place for you. Your static text is probably interfering with the calculation.


Thanks @romanmg, that worked! Such an obvious fix to overlook, thanks so much!

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