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Can't delete files from file manager

hello, I can’t delete files from the file manager. Any idea what is this about? I sent a bug report. Hope to get an answer soon.

me too. ive reported this Uploaded files cannot be deleted nothing back… What’s changed? Beforehand if I raised a bug report or cited something as a bug in the forum I would at least get an acknowledgement… Silence is not golden bubble

I’ve reported 2 or 3 times now and still heard nothing from them!

@eve HELP! :slight_smile:

I reported a bug on this same issue. They got back to me less than 12 hours later stating they have confirmed the behavior and that they have submitted it to engineering team for further investigation.

I sent them a video of the issue as well as the names of some particular files to test with and a couple of screen shots.

Hopefully it will get resolved soon.


Thanks for the update and thanks for helping us to let them know about the issue.

Same annoying issue here

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Same. I hope they fix it soon.


Hey folks,

Thanks for your patience! We’ve pushed a fix here; please do shoot us an email at [email protected] if you’re still having trouble. :slight_smile:


It is solved. Thank you!

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