Files uploaded delete?

Hi. Need help here. How do you delete uploaded files?

I just noticed that when I uploaded some pictures and deleted it in file manager, the file is not in file manager anymore but I can still see it in my app (attached to things)

Also will it affect my data storage usage?



It’s probably just cached in your browser. Have you tried holding shift while pressing reload? That force re-downloads images in most browsers.

Sorry for that. I think, that’s the case. :smiley:

Another question, aside from API Workflow, is the any other way to delete uploaded files from a list?

Not without API workflows, no.

You can also process lists using a plugin like BDK Utilities, and there may bet other plugins that can do this.

But with Bubble’s core functionality you can only delete one by one.

with API workflows how can I?

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There has GOT to be a solution to this issue. I love Bubble so far and am working on a few apps, but in the course of designing and testing I’m wracking up thousands of images in the File Manager. When the project is ready to deploy, I need a way to clear out all of this garbage and start clean. I’m concerned that it’s just going to clog up my disc space to where I’ll need to buy more.

Is it possible for someone who write an easy plug in or something for cleaning up the File Manager? There’s got to be a way to do it and certain a demand from people wanting that functionality.

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According to my knowledge, the only solution is API workflow.

Do you know if there any examples/tutorials that explain how to construct that? I haven’t played with API workflows in Bubble yet.

Hello @underhill.dan. Here are some links that can be useful. (videos are important)