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Can't delete Height of a Group to type new one

when I have a group (maybe at other elements too) sometimes I want to edit their width/height by hand, deleting using backspace the current value and type in new one

thing is when I try to remove the last digit it popups in a new value

e.g. I have 50 and press backspace, make it 5, press it again and then I get a 250 value typed in

only way to remove is to select all the value with double click and type in new one, not very good UX

Yes we prevent users from having 0 as it makes elements not selectable after. We can probably do better I agree.

apply that rule at focus-lost of the respective text field then, not while they’re typing. That is if you do have the rule at the property editor and not at the elements themselves

btw, one can select elements from the dropdown list of element names, could mark those that have one zero dimension there with italics to spot easier (don’t mark with color though, I’d prefer red color there to be shown for elements that have issues in their formulas at conditionals/initial values etc. or at their workflow events)

btw, with a drag-select action you can select such smalish elements I guess. People can also lose stuff it they’re made transparent, but there are viable cases for that, that’s why there’s the dropdown with the element names afterall