Can't edit width or height of elements

Hello everyone!

I don’t know if it is a bug or i changed something by mistake.

Right now i can’t edit the width and height of any element :frowning: it is like the input boxes had dissapeared.


Ok thanks!

Phew, thought it was just me, thanks for the post. :+1:


I have the same issue…

I’ve got the same problem at the moment

i just sent a bug report as i didnt see anyone talking about it on the forum yet

me neither - unsure whether there are more bugs than just editing width/height?

Temporary Hack/Fix:

  1. change parent group to fixed
  2. now you can edit fields
  3. change it back to row/column/align-to-parent
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thanks, same problem here

okay phew, i thought i was losing it, lol. thanks!

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contacted the support team and they confirmed it’s a bug. They are working on it

another bug here :rofl:

what’s wrong about it?

@josh Can you guys please confirm you’re working on the issue?

Thanks, thought i was going mad

maybe i don’t understand the above aller message. It’s just weird, as the message is 1m ago and not 2 y


i guess i am just waisting time until bug is fixed

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Also not sure if anyone’s notice you cannot revert back to a certain time

Screenshot 2023-02-24 093926

Is there any update on this bug?


Just jumped in to check this too. Cmon Bubble I’ve got customers waiting and Im stuck with crappy default dimensions on new elements.

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