Can't Export File

Hello everyone,

I’ve been trying to export data from the editor for the last two days but I’m not receiving the email with the CSV and neither with JSON. It’s not a big data set, just 50 rows which should be done in a second really.

I’ve tried multiple sub apps and they all have the same issue. Anyone has something similar happening?

I’ve checked the spam folder and all other possibilities but can’t find anything. Done a bug report but so far haven’t received any help.

It should work even if you don’t have SendGrid on your app.

Double double check the email address that you signed up with in Bubble?

I know you said you’ve check your spam, but if you’re using gmail have you checked promotions? Most of Bubble’s emails go in there for me, but after I added them to my Google Contacts they land in primary

I am having this issue currently. I know the email works because I’ve used this extensively. I have checked spam repeatedly.
I am trying to figure out through the logs tab what the issue might be, but I cannot get an answer / clarity.