Database import/export issues

I seem to be having an issue with the import and export of database records. Last night I initiated an export of a single record containing 3 fields. I got the popup that said “we’ll email you when the file is ready”. The email still hasn’t arrived.

I’m currently trying to upload a CSV file to the database with 5 records each containing 3 fields. The import window automatically mapped the fields because the headers match the database field names. I clicked validate and it’s me sitting on “Please Wait” for over 10 minutes now. I could understand if it was a huge amount of data but there are only 5 records.

I closed the import and tried again and it validated and uploaded immediately. However, the records were imported out of order for some reason.

Anyone having similar issues or have any suggestions?

Check your SPAM folder

Not this particular, but I have been having issues with Import feature in editor not resetting the popup after the upload is complete and needing to refresh the browser tab multiple times to attempt to get it to reset. Bubble editor is a complete mess as of last few weeks, and from other forum posts, sounds like Bubble as a whole is a complete mess; kind of like a dying elderly family member that everybody knows will be gone soon, but are still kicking for the time being.

Thanks for the response. I checked the spam folder, still nothing after a few days. I reset the import completely and it worked.

That’s not very encouraging. It seems since the pricing change people are skeptical of the platform.

That is true, and the most recent pricing change is not the only reason. Most early adopters like myself have seen multiple pricing changes, which isn’t terrible, however, the bungled deployment of the new pricing this time is a problem.

There are other reasons not to believe in them too much as well, like the fact that the flexbox responsive system took over 18 months to be released, so it is hard to believe they will be releasing the types of features necessary to optimize around new pricing structure in a timely manner.

It has already been a month since the announcement of the new pricing features with little to no new improvements to help developers and application owners with the new pricing structure. Not to mention that there are still dozens of existing features that have not been fixed in 3+ years, then add into it all the fact that the editor over the past 3 weeks has been having an absurd number of bugs that never existed before, and numerous users reporting very strange issues around capacity usage and prices being charged when converting to new pricing structure.

All of it spells a big shift in the way the company is perceived. Which is not good at all for a company that does vendor lock-in. How do you use a company that does vendor lock-in when you can not trust the company to do right by the customer?

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Sounds fair enough.

The vendor lock-in is a big point for sure. What would be some alternatives in your view?

Loads of threads on the forum about this now…check out a thread and get the views of many users.

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