Cant' get group to take up full height

I’ve got a repeating group with another group in it (gray box). At full width I have this:


But when I shrink the width of the browser down, I get this:


I need the width of the gray box to remain the same, but the height should always be the height of the containing group. Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

Did you try changing the responsive settings for the group? Experiment with settings for fixed with, and min-width to get the desired result.

Looks like you text is moving to the next line on smaller screens which is causing the height of the group to expand. There are a few ways you can solve that, you can turn on the option for “cut content if too tall” which will not exapand the height of your text but will place … after certain characters. The other way would be to reduce the text-size on smaller screen, you can do that by using conditionals.


Another option might be to have the repeating group background be the gray color, then group the other items in a white group.

“cut content if too tall” did the trick!

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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