Cant Import from cURL - ERROR: Couldn't parse cURL. Check that you only include supported fields

I installed Bubble’s API Connector and Im trying to use one of the API’s in Rapid API. The problem Im facing is, when Im trying to import the cURL (Which I copy from Rapid API), Bubble gives me the following error message: “Couldn’t parse cURL. Check that you only include supported fields”. I have tried multiple API’s and many different ways. Can someone help :pray:t3:

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Bubble only supports certain fields you may also have some values in there breaking the import. Kinda hard considering you blocked out the only thing that would allow someone to give you an actual answer in your screenshot :sweat_smile:

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Found the solution in here if anyone else is having the same problem:

WGMI is always 1 step ahead :pray:t3:

It gives me the same problem even if I input any type of string/ integer/ character + I didnt want to share my API key (Bad at photoshop :joy:). Got the solution below. Thank you anyways :pray:t3: