Cant make header width wider than 1080px

I am still learning the responsive editor and am running into an issue where my header width does not obey the maximum width I give it of 1536px and stays at a 1080px. I have made the index width for UI builder 1536 px. How do I make my header extend to 1536px. It does go to 1536px if I set the minimum width to this number but I want this to be the maximum width not the minimum width. The header is set to row

It’s a bit hard to say without seeing your app.

Maybe share some screenshots of the header (and ALL parent container) layout settings, or a link to your preview.

Hi Adam

The header at maximum of 1080px

The header editor settings

The index page settings

There’s not really enough info to go off there to make any guesses (maybe open up your elements tree so I can see what’s in it)… or a preview link would be best.

That said, why do you want a max width at all on your header - shouldn’t it just be full width?

Because when I make header full width this is what it looks like (and I dont know why)

I have set the width back to maximum 1536px and here is the preview link: Panther

your header is inside a container that has a max width of 1080px

I don’t know what container that is - that’s why I wanted to see your element tree open, and/or screenshots of ALL parent container’s layout settings.

But if you remove the max width from that parent container you should get your header the width you want it to be.

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Thanks man, I was oblivious to that container, let me check it out