Header not changing size


I have created a header with width 1280. This matches perfectly the page width which i have set to 1280.

On every other page in my app, this works perfectly and the header fits on the top of the page. However on one page, the header is not the correct size?!

I have no idea why this is not working, as the header element is identical on every page, and every page is identical. i have checked all the responsive settings and even when there is no maximum width set, the header does not expand to fill the entire width of the page.

What am i doing wrong?! any help appreciated!


Easiest way could be to:

Delete the header on the troubling page

Clone the page

Reinstall the header

… see what happens

It it fixes it then trash the prior page and use the cloned one

Hey Tom,

Have you checked the pages “Present page width” setting. If so, what is it set to in comparison to the other pages.