Can't pass dynamic data to Sendgrid email template

I’ve been trying to configure a dynamic template on Sendgrid that takes dynamic data from my Bubble app.
I’ve connected my Sendgrid’s API keys to Bubble, as well as my email template’s ID.
On the Sendgrid template, I’ve added the {{body}} and {{subject}} brackets to take on the value of the dynamic data passed by Bubble.

For some reason, it doesn’t work.

Brackets on Sendgrid’s email template

Sendgrid’s API is connected, as is email template ID

Trying to pass dynamic data on to email template through send email workflow.

What am I doing wrong?


Hi @pedrodsabugueiro :wave:
I used “sendgrid” plugin from copilot which is really very easy to use

You can see its setup & send an email using send grid (It’s just 5-10 minutes work)


@viquarahmed07 has provided the easiest solution :point_up: Additional details - use the “Send email (custom)” action and then supply the custom_data property as JSON name/value properties like this:

{ "optionForms" : optionForms , "optionItems" : optionItems, "optionEndorsements" : optionEndorsements }

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